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Take a look at our 7 top tips for choosing your first dance song

So, you met in a club, but,  the Macarena isn’t going to cut it for your first dance song. You love pop, he loves heavy rock, how do you choose that special first dance when you don’t have ‘a song’
It’s no big deal if you don’t, it doesn’t make you incompatible, it just makes you unique!

Where to Start

Some couples have a song that means something special to them, maybe something popular from when you first got together, or the song playing when you actually met, maybe even a special event you attended together!

A Theme!

Perhaps you have a theme to your wedding, is there something that fits in with your theme, could you work around the theme and pick a really relevant song from there?

Are you classic romantic?

How about a song with romance or love at its core; something that makes everyone sigh with happiness for you.

Favourite Bands

IF you can agree on at least one band or artist you both like, then maybe something from your favourite band or artist? 

The Practical Option

Can your chosen singer / band perform your chosen song? Or could you make a choice based on their repertoire? Lots of bands have the more popular first dance songs in their repertoire, but sometimes they may not. So how important is it that the band plays your song, could they learn a song especially for you?

We wouldn’t suggest you dismiss a song just because they can’t play it, if the song is important to you then the DJ will certainly be able to get a copy for you.  It’s all about the balance of how important the song is V’s having a live performance – that extra touch of magic, to make the dance more personal.

Some Song Reminders

Don’t stress if you don’t both LOVE your first dance song – it doesn’t have to be “the one” it is perfectly OK for it to simply serve a purpose.

There is no rule that says you have to have ‘a song’ anyway. It’s your wedding, so just go with something that suits you!

What if you just don’t want to?

There’s no hiding from the fact that there will always be a first dance of the evening, but if you’re not that in to the whole thing, or just don’t want everyone staring at you, it’s perfectly fine to choose a song that will get the dance floor packed quickly. People will inevitably push you into the first dance on your own, but you can minimise the time alone on the dance floor with a party-starting number and by actively encouraging people to get up and join you…

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