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All you need to do is scroll to the bottom of the page where you can pick a wedding check list, a song list – which will give you an idea on what matt could sing for you, or, even, download the packages….

Let the North West Premier Wedding Singer bring a touch of class to your big day, Matt will ensure the process is smooth, and that you have a hassle free day. We offer performance times split across the day, from your arrival at the reception venue right through to the end of your evening. Whether you have something in mind, or would like advice on when and how Matt could make your day even more amazing than you already plan it to be, we will make sure your dreams are achieved.

Take a look at each package below

The Marvin Gaye Package – Afternoon Performance

  • Any style of music to suit the mood of the guests, or the style of the celebration you have planned
  • Helps to maintain the flow of the day, as well as adding that unique, extra touch.
  • PA System available for your speeches so you can be sure your guests enjoy the full experience

The Jackson Package – Evening Performance

  • There is no better way to capture the emotion and love in your special day than through a live performance, imagine someone singing your First Dance song to you for all your guests to see, imagine the power of that emotion with a real live performance.
  • As an example Matt could perform your first dance, live, followed by a 30 minute performance of songs chosen by you, or with Matt’s experience you could leave this to him. Then later, an hour of a lively performance when your guests are relaxed and ready to dance away.
  • Matt will ensure your guests remember your night and you all have a great time.

The Supremes Package – Full Day

  • Hire Matt for the whole day, the best of the Marvin Gaye AND The Jackson Packages, not only entertaining your guests for the afternoon, but, dancing the night away too.
  • Something to add that extra special sparkle to your big day.

Further Options Available

(Additional costs incurred)

  • Live band to perform alongside Matt during the evening performance
  • DJ Package: Matt works closely with some fantastic DJ’s and you will always get the ultimate professional performance.
    We truly believe it is important to have a separate DJ, and someone who is passionate about their work, if you have gone to the time and expense of having a live singer, why would you want to lose the impact of that by having him DJ too?
    You want them to stand out and for everyone to know that you have a fantastic live singer!

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