On a Positive note!!

There are some times in life when you just don’t want to hear “Everything happens for a reason”.  I have had moments this week just like that.

Let’s start with the bad news of the week because from here it went pretty well.  As I mentioned last week I was really looking forward to a big show that I had planned to raise funds for Reuben’s Retreat.  It was to take place last Saturday 11th July.  The show was going to be amazing, with a great support act, an amazing host/DJ and my show with my live band.  A lot of hard work had been put into the night by some great people.  However, on the Tuesday before the show and for reasons that are not really clear at this stage, it was decided that the show had to be cancelled/ postponed.   As you can imagine this was heart-breaking, after all the hard work that had gone into the planning and wanting to raise money for a great charity….

Roll on the saying “Things happen for a reason”. And you know what?  It’s true.  Due to not being at the show I was able to do something else, which I can talk about soon but not just yet.  However we WILL do the show at another point in time, hopefully this year.  I will also continue to support the charity and help raise money in any way I can.

So, let’s move onwards and upwards with the great things that happened this week.  Wednesday night was set to be the launch night of my new band in Spain “38 Degrees South”.  On Tuesday morning we got together for our final rehearsal.  I know I’m biased but the musicians in the band are simply amazing.  The dedication they show to get the music perfect is out of this world.  If I was nervous about the show then listening to these guys soon sorted that out.  What could go wrong?

Raising money for charity is something I love to do and on Tuesday evening I was invited to perform on a sunset cruise in Spain in aid of the Grant a Wish Foundation.  It was an amazing night, full of lovely people having fun whilst raising money.  We were taken out to sea to watch the sun set.  It was an amazing sight and what a view to look at while entertaining the crowds.  I’m not sure how they managed it as it got a bit choppy but most of the boat were on their feet dancing away.  I’m certainly looking forward to performing for them again.

Then came the big day, Wednesday, the big launch.  As I said I didn’t feel nervous about the night.  The band were sounding great, the venue was sold out weeks before.  In fact the owner had told us he could have sold the night 2 or 3 times over.  We had decided that the band was going to be dressed smart for all shows and wear matching suits, now bear in mind that its Summer, and the temperatures in Spain reach 40 degrees in the shade.  It wasn’t an easy task, but well worth it.  Before we even started the comments were coming in about how well we looked and how it was nice to see.  The first song we performed was ‘Soul Man’.   We couldn’t have asked for a better start.  The crowd were on their feet instantly and from that point never stopped.  The show went amazingly well and we could not have asked for better for our first one.  That night messages to our personal inbox and our Facebook page were coming in thick and fast. (See images below for a couple of lovely comments)

I hope for great things with this band.  We are all dedicated, and, on the same wave length.  We love to perform for the audience and interact with them both on and off stage.  Many comments on the night said the same thing “you must stay together”.  We fully intend to and to take this band as far as we can.

Don’t forget you can stay in touch with the band 38 Degrees South via Facebook.


On Saturday I was invited onto the loose ladies Radio show on Total Fm.   I went in to talk about my life, how I got into performing and what’s coming up in the future.  It’s really not easy talking about yourself for an hour but I enjoyed being on the show.  I love radio and I hope to have my own show one day.

So what started as a disappointing week actually turned into an amazing one!  I even managed to spend some time with my wife and kids.


This week I head back over to the UK for more shows.  On Saturday a former colleague from my days in the prison service is holding a charity BBQ.  Of course I couldn’t say ‘NO’, so I will be heading over to Chorley to do a short set for them.  Then, in the evening I’ll be heading over to Wigan to perform my Soul show.   Sunday will see me over in Aspull, near Wigan.

Well that’s all for now.  I will be back next week with hopefully more good news and to tell you how my week went.

Have a great week and I hope to see you at one of my shows.


Matt x






a clip of comments from the new bands launch night

A review from the new bands launch night

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