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Choosing the right singer for your
Special Day…

And how not to choose the wrong singer

A bad band, solo singer, or even DJ can be the death of what had, so far, been a great day, so when choosing you could ask yourself the following questions that will help you choose the right singer for you and your day.

The Playlist
Can you make selections from the list and is it varied enough to suit your needs, being able to choose is important for some people. Knowing that the band/singer know what they are doing and trusting them to choose your songs is equally important.

The First Dance
The shortest, most memorable, experience of your day. The best first dance is one that is you, whether it is choreographed, laid back, fun, full of hugs, anything that speaks you and your relationship, it’s absolutely personal to you. Having the first dance performed live can bring even more emotion to the dance and make it that bit more special. Even 40 years on people remember their first dance…

How long should you expect for the performance
Each performer is different and you could expect anything from 2 x 45 minutes, 3 x 40 minutes to 2 x hour long sets and someone that will accommodate the flow of your evening is a must.

Can you see what others have to say about your singer/band, this can be invaluable information to have.

Is your chosen singer connected to their music, do they have the passion to give you a fantastic performance? A wedding singer should love what they do and you will see this in their performance

Will your singer charge for any extra performances, to stay an extra hour even, this can make costs add up very quickly.

Know / Like / Trust
Do you get along with your chosen singer, do you feel you can ask any questions, have you been offered a meeting to discuss all your requirements?
Being able to contact your chosen singer is really important and knowing you can trust them is important too, they are, after all, going to entertain you and your guests on a special day.

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