Our 5 Top Tips for having a great, stress-free day

The running of the day

  • Ask all suppliers how long each need to do their job
  • Be flexible
  • Build in a contingency to the days timings
  • Allow times for guest movement if needed during room changes
  • Just be aware that things may well run over, so don’t worry if you aren’t running on time – It happens, in fact it very rarely doesn’t happen!

Be Prepared – Beforehand

  • Try to get an early night the night before so you wake up refreshed
  • Is there a list for the groom’s morning plans? Bridesmaids are notoriously more helpful than groomsmen and so things can get forgotten
  • Make sure you break your wedding shoes in – bride and groom!!
  • Hand over as many tasks as you can (or feel comfortable with) to members of the bridal party, delegation is key!

Be Prepared – The Morning

  • If you can eat on the morning of the big day, then try to opt for high protein and complex carbs, they will give you fuel for the day – Even if you can’t eat, chances are your bridal party will be grateful for the nourishment!
  • When you have your hair and make-up done – wear a dress shirt or dressing gown. You won’t be happy if you mess up your perfect hair or make-up having to pull a top over your head
  • Go easy on the perfume – it can make you feel queasy if you’re already feeling the nerves

During the Day itself

  • Leave your phone behind
  • You don’t want to be passing out walking down the aisle so have a little stretch first to get the blood flowing
  • Don’t forget your flats for later on!
  • Have a person to save you from over chatty guests if you think you may need it
  • Think of some favourite songs or ‘avoid’ songs and supply to your Singer/Band/ DJ
  • Don’t forget to dance – let loose
  • Don’t stress the wedding night – if it doesn’t happen it’s no big deal – there’s plenty of time for fireworks afterwards

Remember why you are there

  • Take some time to have a moment with each of your parents
  • Take some time to meet up and say “Hi” to each other
  • And finally, take a few minutes at select times throughout the day to take it all in. Look around your guests, take a deep breathe, remember it!

If you’d like a free wedding checklist you can grab one here.

You will also find a download for the packages and even a song list here too